Monday, October 19, 2009

Favorites - guest book

a FAVORITES series

I changed my mind a thousand times for what to do for our guest book - so I included 2!

I didn't want a book that kept the names of our guests locked away. It seemed silly to have another book on our shelf that listed our guests in a boring way. There were thoughts of a paint by number painting, frames to sign, photos to take and then sign, small cards to fill out, the list goes on for days...

All I knew is that I wanted something creative (big surprise, I know!).

As I read and reread blogs I came across this photo and a quick explination of the idea. For the life of me I can't remember where I found this - I just saved the photo in my "wedding folder" - (don't judge, you know you have one!).

Thumb Print Wedding Tree

Well it completely fit our "family tree" theme - all I had to do was ask the hubby to see if he liked it in the way I liked it! " I love it!" rang from his mouth and I was filled with glee!

So I purchased all the materials -
1 large, thick, poster size paper - $3 at the local art store
1 poster tube - $4 at the local art store (needed to store and transport!)
3 stamp pads in different greens - $3 each at the local stamp store (same place I ordered my custom stamp!)
3 thin Sharpies - $4 at Target
1 box of wipes - Free from my Dad's house!
Paper to test their thumb prints - Free from my mounds of extra paper! (make it the same weight and texture as the tree poster!)

Grand Total of $ 20!

My bridesmaid/roommate created the tree with her pastels and toted it to Reno for us! She is amazing! Thanks Jack!

I posted a sign displayed at the guest book table with instructions. The tree was pinned to a cork board and the guests happily marked the tree!

It will soon by framed and hung in our home! I can't wait!

I am thrilled that our wedding guests will hang on our wall everyday rather than in a book on a shelf somewhere.

I have to admit, not all our guests made their mark - bummer, I know, but you can't drag your guests to do things they are unaware of. This is where your DJ should come into play. Have a few printed instructions to announce throughout the night! You can't assume everyone will know what's going on, especially if it's out of the ordinary!

Before the tree came into my life, I had chosen an alternate guest book.

From the start I knew I'd like something creative and interactive. So I purchase a photo album and inserted cards into the slots. The cards had instructions on them and a place for the guest to write or draw out the prompt.

In so many words, some of the prompts included, "Write a haiku," "Give marriage advice," "Describe love in 6 words," "Describe family in 6 words," "Draw your favorite memory of Camille or Nolan," "Draw the meaning of love," "Predict where Nolan and Camille will be in 5 and 10 years," "Sign our guest book." The last one was for all those people who wouldn't want to play along.

Because I had purchased the album already ($35) and printed the cards ($5 for the pack of paper) I put it together and used it also. I included not only the cards I printed but the RSVPs we received! It was a fun way for everyone to see what other people did. The empty spaces will eventually house some wedding photos to complete the book.

Some people did both, the thumb print and write something, but the majority just did the thumb print. My mom actually said some people were confused by the book. I guess I needed better posted instructions? A good thing: The book will serve double duty as our Chicago Celebration guest book!

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