Saturday, October 17, 2009

Favorites - COLOR

a FAVORITES series

Throughout the wedding planning process you have obligatory items and FAVORITES.

I wanted all the Fall COLORS in our wedding like a cat wants a mouse!

I began with the bridesmaids' dresses and it just snowballed from there. Originally, I picked a Fall color for each girl (as in I mailed them all a paint chip I picked up at my local Home Depot) - they'd have to find a dress in that color! Well, it seemed pretty difficult for all of them to find a dress in their color, and/or they were apprehensive to do it alone - all 5 girls lived in different towns at the time (Las Vegas, Gardnerville, Chicago, Denver, Carson City). As much as I explained that it was okay and I didn't care - they seemed to more than me. So I chose for all the girls to wear chocolate brown and they'd accessorize with their color - they seemed please with this new evolution. I was pretty pleased with the new look I was attaining too.

So, all my girls found a chocolate brown dress from J.Crew or Ann Taylor, and the last - a hand made beauty from Rachel O's mom! My single stipulation was that they all to be tea length.

Keeping those colors in mind, I brought Fall Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Cream, and Purple into my other elements - I loved how it finally all came together. Remember to be confident in your decisions - as long as you keep your final look in mind, it will all be cohesive in the end! I chose to purchase linen napkins as one of my Eco-friendly elements in the wedding planning. (We don't need more paper napkins thrown away!) So even though it was more expensive to purchase all linen napkins, as apposed to buying paper or renting, it was so worth it as we put together the table scape. They brought color and fun to the tables.

I found all the linen napkins at World Market and Crate and Barrel. I only bought those on sale and they've since been gifted as small tokens of appreciation to the women who helped throughout the wedding planning and wedding day. All the napkins were different Fall colors and patterns. As another Eco-friendly element, I wrapped the real flatware in them.

I visited 3 different World Markets to accumulate enough napkins and about 8 different thrift stores for enough flatware. The napkins were bought 6 months before the wedding (all the fall colors were on sale) and the flatware 1 month before the wedding. I didn't have a head count until less than 1 month before the wedding so I purchase 40 more napkins than I needed. The extras were just used as decorations on the service tables at the wedding!

See table scape photos:

My mom's friend Donna came to Tahoe early to help out and well, she HELPED OUT tremendously! She created all the centerpieces from potted flowers from the grocery store, curved twig-things from Michael's, pumpkins my in-laws grew and the napkins! She did an amazing job for the items she was given!

FYI: The potted flowers were given to the park to plant there (I wonder if they were settled in before the snow?), the pumpkins were taken back to Fallon for Ric to put in her veggie baskets she sells, the flatware was donated to Nolan's family's cabin association, and the napkins have been given as appreciation gifts.

TIP: When you're having a wedding away from where you live - know and TELL someone where the items are going to go before the wedding, before you purchase them!! I made sure to tell my maids, coordinator, moms, and family where the napkins, flatware, and pumpkins were going.

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