Thursday, October 15, 2009

Favorites - Everyone has 'em!

a FAVORITES series

Throughout the wedding planning process you have obligatory items and FAVORITES.

Obligatory items include plates for dinner or chairs and tables – they are "no-brainers" for the most part. The easiest and cheapest solution usually wins out. Because, really, your guests aren’t going to sit on the floor or eat of their hands?


They gain your FULL attention; they make you crazy, reading blogs, exploring magazines, and even asking your opinion-less future husband (which in most cases irritates you, cause he gives you half-ass response that conflicts with your opinion so eventually you stop asking him even though you'd really just like him to agree with you)! Anyhow -

My wedding favorites include our vows, our ceremony, our guest book, our napkins, our stamp, making our bouquets, our TREE, my hair flower, the boutonnieres, and our guests picking up their own chairs after the ceremony! These few small things immediately stand out in my mind; they created OUR wedding. After all, isn't that what it's all about; inviting your guests and including them in a day created by you for you? You let them experience a small piece of yourselves that you hope to experience forever. YOUR joyous occasion!

Today begins "a FAVORITES series" to include some of these fun details - enjoy!

Every now and then in my planning process I asked myself, "Self, is this something you are doing to impress others?" If I said yes, for the most part that 'something' wasn't included. I made sure to include things that were meaningful to Nolan and me.

Our vows and commitment box were the biggest things we did for ourselves that day.

We wrote and said our promises to each other aloud - LOVE this. I had a pretty hard time expressing what I wanted to say in a brief promise to Nolan. I scanned blogs to get inspired by others' words - it helped tremendously! I will write them up to share soon.

We included a tangible object that would forever adorn our home with words to each other as to why we wanted to marry one another. The box is a reminder that we are committed to each other, for LIFE! It's a "break glass in case of emergency" kind of thing. We know the trials and tribulations of a marriage and if things ever come to that breaking point we can open that box, read our letters, and talk things out over the whiskey we put in the box. These two things will be with us forever!

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  1. Camille - I love this! I can't wait to read more from your Favorites series. Keep it coming!