Monday, November 21, 2011


I've discovered a whole new excitement for the holidays this year.

My smiles are bigger this year as I experience the holidays this year from a baby's view.  Penny is now noticing her surroundings more, today as we waited to cross the street she was tacking the cars as they flew past her.  If you didn't know better, she may have been watching a tennis match! With every new sight and sound my insides brighten with delight as I watch her learn what it is to be a part of our family.  She really is amazing to watch.

In Michael's this weekend, she was overjoyed with Jingle Bells!

This year, my younger brother will be joining me for Thanksgiving.  As for Christmas - we're heading WEST!!!!  Yes, we were ecstatic with the thoughtful gift from Nolan's parents to be able to spend Christmas and the New Year in Nevada with our family.

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