Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You say, "To Do List" I say, "*&^%$*!"

Wedding Planning can be overwhelming.

I might just leave this post at that, but then you'd all be screaming about wanting more and well, I just can't deal with that today. So I will give you a little bit more on the ever so mighty, "TO DO LIST."

Let me preface this post with a little back ground. I love lists, I like making them and I LOVE scratching items off as they are accomplished. So it wasn't a big surprise that I have an excel spreadsheet for my Wedding To Do List 100 items long, literally 100 items long. The items are as easy as "Call Mom to ask her about the pearl earrings" to as complicated as "Create Invitation Design." The LIST has four columns, What-Who-When-Done. These four columns have made my life easier and the wedding planning more organized and manageable. The "WHO" column is populated with mostly my name, some "Nolan and Camille," but 80% is just ME.

While Nolan is off gallivanting on the tow boat I try and accomplish some of these items. This last Saturday I tried to check off "Find Wedding Shoes." For all of you who love shoe shopping, maybe you can help me find mine. I need a size 9 1/2 ivory or bronze wedge with no more than 2" heel.


Oh, tell me about it. I have browsed most websites to find some pretty ugly shoes. So I thought I would have more success in the tangible world where I could walk in and out with a pair of wedding shoe gems. That just wasn't the case this Saturday. Maybe you ask, "Were you prepared?" Why, yes, I felt prepared to walk into several stores, try on some hot shoes, without looking at the price tag. I even had a list of stores I was going to hit, made up from a couple of Chicago Magazine articles on Best Cheap Stores/ Best Vintage Shops.

Alas, I found only one contender. Meet HEATHERSHAW, an Aldo shoe.
She is close to what I'd like minus the wedge. I am only looking for the wedge for the ceremony. Reason being, we are having it in park grass, and no I don't really want to be barefoot.

So, the search continues for my wedding shoe gems! It will be an adventure but I vow to keep all my faithful readers up to speed on the entire shoe shopping experience!

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