Monday, April 6, 2009

Useful Tools to a Successful 10K

I am working everyday toward my goal of running in my first 10K. June 7 is the big day. I've found some help to achieve my goal.

FIRST, to map out routes and get an accurate millage count I am using Google. This website has been great for not only planning my short and long runs but familiarizing myself with my neighborhood. I would like to eventually move into a place for just Nolan and me. With my runs I keep a keen eye on "FOR RENT" signs. On my runs I see where those places are in relation to train stations, main streets, grocery stores and the all important bars and liquor stores! :)

SECOND, Hal Higdon has published a novice training program online. This training program has the next weeks planned out for every day of the week. 6 days of work outs and 1 enjoyable day of rest! This training program has really helped me be more motivated and better organized about my work out. I know what I will be doing today, tomorrow, and next Thursday.

Thanks Google & Hal for your great tools!

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