Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Goal: 10K

Throughout my life I have participated in some form of physical activity. It was typically a team sport. High school, I was busy with basketball and volleyball and a short passing thought of track my senior year (I didn't even make it to tryouts). College was rugby, where coincidentally, I found a more peaceful zen self off the pitch. As I was able to hit on the pitch I didn't feel so inclined to while in the real world.

My point being that I've always had a team to motivate my workouts and staying in shape was easier and fun. In the last year I've found myself sitting for the better part of 8 hours at a desk job and spotted a larger dress size in my closet. I wasn't too concerned until I couldn't fit into some of those items... DAMN IT! So, I joined the gym, Bally's, a mile down the road. It's an easy bus ride in the winter and a nice jog/walk in the summer. I needed a change. I was an avid gym goer in Nevada and I needed to get back in the habit (I am visioning Tina Turner's extremely toned dancing legs).

Last summer I paid a personal trainer to kick my butt every week. But I can't afford him with a pending wedding and so I am forced to find motivation within. This said wedding, T-minus 6 months. Talk about M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N.

I knew I couldn't accomplish all I wanted to in the gym, I am in need of a guide or a schedule, a coach, a team to get me in gear - DING... I need a GOAL. I don't like this working out solo thing. Well I found a good cause, the Zoo! The Lincoln Park Zoo has an annual race in June. I signed myself up, $25 later I am a proud new owner of race number! This is my goal, a challenge that I need to get myself out of the house and on the right path to fitting into a certain white dress.

I am going to run a 10K, I have 9 weeks to train and one day to prove I can accomplish it.

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