Monday, March 23, 2009

Alteration #1

In reference to my posts before, #1, #2 and #3 you can tell of my confusion and frustration with finding the perfect wedding dress. Well it's all falling into place now. It really is happening!

I wanted to commit to loosing weight before I went to try on dresses but it just didn't work out that way, I was really too anxious to go shopping. So I have tried to be diligent in my eating habits and exercise routine to fit a little bit better into the dress I've found at each alteration appointment, I do have a few appoints still before the wedding, not to mention a few more lbs to shed.

For my first alteration appointment we worked on length. Because I ended up purchasing a sample dress it wasn't exactly long enough. There was talk of more ribbon this, satin that and sparkly extension thingys, and eventually it was more of wonka wonka (Charlie Brown's teacher) than any real solutions. From an hour's worth of work and experimenting, Donna, my expert alterations lady at the House of Brides worked in a great solution.

I had no idea it was possible. She would insert a ribbon in a seam under the chest - genius! It gave the dress length and style. I was impressed with the ingenuity on her part. Donna has obviously been doing this for quite some time, the Eastern European woman who stands at around 5' tall has proven to be my bridal dress savior. A big thanks goes out to Donna! So this last Saturday when I went, Donna had it worked out and after my glee we accepted that as our final solution.

For my next appointment, work on a bustle that works (because by then I should own my wedding day shoes), frilly sleeves should be off and I will be glowing with excitement. Next appointment: May 16.

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