Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I think I found a dress.

Rachel and I went to The House of Brides in Chicago to try on some dresses. I found just one that has all the elements I was looking for in a dress.

I guess my word, "think" eludes to the fact that maybe I am in doubt of my find, but I just really think I don't like committing to something so substantial, so defining of an event. This is my WEDDING DRESS! I will have these memories and pictures forever, my children's children will see these pictures. I should be absolutely sure, right?

Who's done this, did you have any doubt?

I go in on Friday to get measured, I will have to make a decision before handing over my money! But that might sway my decision right then and there, the dress is only $488 with all the fees!

Anyway, Have a great New Years!

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