Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Acquiring Guest Photos

It was important to me to try and acquire my guest's photos, they obviously experience something different than you, so it's fun to see the day from their perspective.

I went back and forth on which site to use to collect them all. I ended up using because I had heard about it from a blog I found useful in the past, they allow you to have a free trial and well I found a coupon code - and if you know me, I can't resist a coupon (I really am my mother's daughter!!!).

The good, the bad, and the ugly?

It is easy to look at photos.
It holds plenty of photos, we're in the 1500 range!
You can download entire albums (as apposed to one at a time).
You can upload an album to Facebook! (this I just find amusing!)
It is easy to sign up as a guest if you want to upload photos.
It is easy to upload photos all at once.
It is easy as the creator to delete/move/change orientation of the photos.
Once the site loads, it's easy to see a photo in the full screen.
You can easily organize photos into made albums.
Each new user (you must enter your email to upload photos) adds 2 weeks to your free trial time.

It is not so easy to navigate because it takes a while for the site to load. (this is my biggest agitation, as I think it's discouraged some guests from viewing and uploading photos!) As of today, 3 people have uploaded their photos from the wedding. Although, others have sent me their CDs to upload.
You can NOT upload video to Picurio.

If I had the chance to do it all over - I might have tested out Flickr and paid for a subscription, as I've never heard a complaint from anyone using it. I also know you can upload video to Flickr.

I love spreading the word about our photo site more than I loved our photo site!!! I used business size card stock to explain our site and how to upload their photos. I attached fake mustaches to all the papers and set them at all everyone's place. These photos are by far my favorite photos of the day! Everyone just got silly and it made my DAY! I will include some fun photos soon! :)

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