Thursday, October 22, 2009

Favorites - Mustaches

a FAVORITES series

It wasn't in the plans originally but I kept spotting fake mustaches in many of the weddings I drooled over.

Take a look at some of these fun photos and then ask me how I COULDN'T include fake 'staches!

I found these photos on Weddingbee.

Three out of these four photos use the mustaches on sticks - genius!  They are comical and silly.  I just laugh every time I see them.  I particularly like the "formal" portraits with 'staches.  They make me giggle.

So I searched for fakes -

The first and only stop I made was at Oriental Trading!  They were the easy and cheap (my kinda deal).  I purchased 140ish for around $35 (including shipping).  They sell packages of 12, each package includes 3 different styles of mustaches - so you purchase increments of 36 'staches.

To get the all our guest their mustaches was another fun DIY idea.  I had another GRAND idea of a photo booth; the mustaches would be our way to tell everyone about it - so I made business card size info sheets to attach to the mustaches.  They included our "faux"to booth info and where to eventually upload their photos online. 

Well our "fauxtobooth" feel apart - the sheet blew off the fence, never to be hung up the rest of the day so it wasn't used.  C'est la vie!   We had a lot going on - it wasn't a big deal.   But the cards were staples to the 'staches and placed on the tables for each guest already!  What happens when you give wedding guests props?  They make some really silly photos!

And what do  you know, they did in fact upload their photos!  YAY!

Nolan's sis and nephews
Camille's older brother and his fiance
Camille's little brother (his 'stach is up-side-down!)
Camille's uncle and cousins!
Nolan's cousins
Camille's cousins
 Mike trying to give Camille a mustache!

A HUGE mistake of mine was that I forgot a handful of mustaches at the house when we were leaving for formal photos!  I should have delegated this to someone because I completely forgot!  I am so incredible sad that I didn't get a fun bridesmaid photo with these!  

Please share you mustache photos!


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