Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quality Time - Cooking

Newport Hostel Meals! (a series in the making)

Newport Hostel, as the residence fondly refer to their apartment as, serves an array of delicious meals.

Nolan was an avid cook long before we met. I've heard rumors of a home video featuring a fictional cooking show that where he and his sister "hosted." I am not entirely sure what to think of this except that I would love to see it!

Things haven't changed much. Nolan still loves cooking, experimenting with food, and eating food! I can't tell you how enjoyable it is to walk into the house after a long day to the smell of fresh bread or dinner! It still amazes me that I found a man who loves to read and loves to cook! Due to the nature of Nolan's job, he has 3 weeks to devote to his cooking experiments. I reap the benefits, so does Jackie!!

Jackie loves to cook - her Pilipino influence brings in a little bit of culture every now and again. She doesn't have as much time as Nolan but she occasionally enjoys whipping up adobo or a mean shrimp Cesar. Jackie is a non-recipe cook. She bases her meals off the triumphs and failures of her past; I've yet to dislike any of her meals!

I'd like to consider myself more of a baker than a cook. I continually get made fun of for having the least amount of cooking experience in the house. (I'll notice the sticker on the whisk before I notice the burnt gravy the whisk is in). Not that I mind because they can't get enough of my baked goods.

Here are a few Newport Meals:

Corn Dogs - Nolan

Batters - plain, jalapeno (from the garden), and chipotle

First dip in the HOT TUB


Nolan had the biggest craving for corn dogs and it didn't take him long to look up a basic batter recipe and modify it to his liking.  He loves flavor so he used what was in the fridge to create a few different variations.  They were tasty!

Look for more Newport Hostel Meals soon!

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