Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back in NV

I had the best time visiting with everyone in NV Memorial Day weekend!

I spent a day in Vegas hanging out with my mom, step dad and little brother.  It was nice - it included Sex in the City 2, inevitable walk with my mom, a minor trip to the ER (silly Vince), lunch with a life long friend, and beautiful spring weather!!!

Mom and I went up to Reno to spend the day with Alicia, my future sister-in-law!  Her family bridal shower was so enjoyable.  We saw her amazing wedding dress, met her mom and family.  She received lovely gifts and heard some fun stories about Adam!  Oh, I love being the little sister spilling the beans about how he tortured me during childhood!  I was privileged enough to spend dinner with her extended family, and I was so jealous they lived within miles of each other!  I can't wait to be so close to our families!

I saw my rugby girls for a spontaneous night out and spent the rest of the weekend visiting with my dad, and lovely new-mommy friend and 2-month-old, Max!

Thank you for all the fun!

Alicia's shower pictures:
 Me, Mom, Alica, Her Mom
 Ready for presents
 Onion cutting glasses! Awesome!
 Alicia and her two moms!
Cupcakes - so delicious and rich

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