Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Haikus for the preggos!

Haiku #1: The Belly and What it Wants

It doesn’t look big.
Who cares even if it did?
Yes. I bought ice cream.

Haiku #2: Waiting at the OB GYN

It’s been an hour.
Starting to get old. OK.
Won’t watch the weigh in.

Haiku #3: At Least We Know Who’s Driving

AH! Cocktail party.
Lame that you’re pregnant and all.
‘Preciate the ride!

Haiku #4: Ode to Your Cervix

Millimeters count.
Thrilled to hear 38, dear.
Victory, cervix.

Or, haiku #5: The Fortunate Son

Inside you, my dear
Yet another lucky child,
’cause he’ll call you Mom.

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