Thursday, July 21, 2011

Visiting Nevada

Nolan and I spent a few summer weeks in Nevada.  Our tour de Nevada began in Vegas, traveled up to Reno where we spent a week at Nolan's family's cabin over the 4th and a few days staying with my brother.  Here are a few photo highlights of our time in Las Vegas.

While in Vegas, my Uncle Robbie and Aunt Denise visited from Catalina!  We had a BBQ with a few friends and family while we were there.  The highlight was of course, Penny. Penny was 5 weeks when we were in Vegas.
Uncle Robbie
Aunt Denise
Delicious drinks!
Amazing food - including lobster from Catalina!!!
Linda Thompson
Lacie Jackson

Besides the BBQ, there was of course, lots of playing!
 Mom's shar peis were curious about the little person, but Squirt guarded her wherever she was!
 Lots of naps were taken!
 With the exit of one group of family members another wave came along.  Aunt Gloria, Mimi, and Ellyn showed up from Fullerton to spend a few nights.
 The last night Susan came to visit and we took the time to play Kynect boxing on Vince's Play Station.


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