Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Cake Monster

Nothing is as fun as frosting!  Well, not to a one-year-old!

We celebrated P's first birthday with a monster-themed bash.  I found most of my ideas for the party on!  Most of the ideas were "upcycles" of thing around the house or crafts!  And due to my lack of planning, I don't have many photos other than those of P's cake-tastic event!

Penny sure did lover her first cake experience, and just as Mom predicted, dove into it, face first!

 P loves a good party - especially one where she's the center of attention!

 She did quite get why she was corralled at first, but then she caught sight of the birthday cake!  I am so glad we decided to do this outside!  Thanks to Kerrie, we have pretty awesome photos documenting her love of cake, frosting, most likely the sugar!
After all my work teaching P how to blow, she was too enamored with the candle to try it out!
One thing P is not is shy... just dig in there sweet P!
Her polite begging gesture!

This is Lincoln, P's partner in crime!  We made some fun Popsicle for the kids as well as the cake!  Thanks Pinterest for all the fun party ideas!

We didn't even get around to opening presents until the next day!  Of course, one of the best presents was the wrapping paper!

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