Thursday, November 1, 2012

moving WEST!

We've been living in Reno for about 8 weeks now and I'm just now starting to feel normal and settled!

Please, experience our move in pictures!

 A final evening stroll through our neighborhood!

 Final sunrise across Lake Michigan! Ugh, I'm missing this!

 Let's get a move on! Westbound I80!

 Bye Bye, Illinois!

 Day One concluded in Omaha, NE where we stayed with our lovely friends!

We spent a day exploring Omaha instead of driving! Besides someone stealing my cash, it was the best decision with a 15 mo old!
Sock Monkeys make good pillows!

  Day Three, destination Colorado!

 Keeping a little one entertained in the car for endless hours was tough so we shoved a lot of things in her lap to see what would happen!  Here she's reading to us! The book is up-side-down but really... it was awesome!

 Signing FISH!

 Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska!
Finally, there you are Colorado!

 We stayed with another lovely friend in Denver!

 Penny loved the STAIRS! They were really nice!

 Wyoming buffalo!  Don't be fooled - it's just a sign!

 We ended day four of our trip in Park City, UT! BEAUtiful!

 Hooray!  We made it.... or did we?!

 Someone was getting a little stir crazy!!!

 Go ahead, play the video! I'll wait to tell you the rest when you're done!

 In the middle of Nevada, our trailer blew a tire and caught FIRE!  
Yep, you read that correctly!

 After we put it out, called UHaul (sons of bitches) we kept P cool in the 90 degree desert!

 Does UHaul send replacement tires? NO! They send replacement trailers! WTF!!!

 Unloaded the stupid trailer!

 Penny was in the shade under a tree in her pack n play!  Man that thing comes in handy!

 Our Rescuers! 
Be my guest, send them a thank you note!

 They checked all our tires! Just in case...

6 hours later we were on our way...

Told you it was fun!

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