Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day, America!

In this great city I live in, 4th of July is pretty exciting; lots of fireworks, fests galore, and millions of tourists!

Yesterday I received the day off, and it was glorious!!! I volunteered with World Sport Chicago at the Taste of Chicago. World Sport Chicago is a city program that creates sports programs and makes them available all over the city, focusing mainly on the inner city kids. Yesterday at the Taste, they had an acre available for kids to try out a variety of sports, volleyball, badminton, soccer, gymnastics, rowing, track, and various Olympic demonstrations from a local Judo program and a lacrosse demo. It was fun to work with the little kids and get them excited about being fit and active and interested in a sport. I mainly worked at the gymnastics's portion that was in cooperation with the Park District. After I left there, I arrived home and pursued naptime!!! Oh, I love days off!

Last night I ventured down to our closest harbor, Belmont Harbor to witness the 3rd of July fireworks (Chicago usually has fireworks on both, the 3rd and the 4th of July in case of bad weather on one of the nights). I was able to see the last little bit of the show that was happening downtown. The photo above is what I captured. Tonight I will again play with the camera down at the harbor and catch the show!

Happy 4th of July, stay safe!

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