Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My saving GRACE

I know it's kind of strange that the one thing I am most relying on is my email - but it is awesome! I use Gmail - a free email from Google.

It has everything you might ever need associated with your email - a calendar, a google look-up bar for your email - folders - and my most recent discovery, a tasks list! That's right, your very own electronic list maker!

I stumbled upon this element about 2 months ago and it has been invaluable for wedding planning! Because I log onto my email at different computers, it's been easy to keep track of. I don't have any more loose papers in my purse that I inevitably misplace.

Currently my tasks list looks a little something like this:
If you can't make out the list - it's only showing 1/2 my list and it includes:
  • Parent's thank you cards
  • Call Stefan about schedule
  • buy bridesmaids gift
  • post canvas bags online to sell
  • pack origami paper
  • write letter to Nolan
  • pick out photos for guest book wall
  • leave a rent check for Jackie
  • print guest book inserts
  • get wedding photo blurbs from family
There is more to the list, but it's an ongoing list and well, it's too long to write!

The list allows you to check a task off and move it to the bottom or delete from the list once you've accomplished it. That way if you need to revise a task it's still there to be unchecked if need be.

There you go, my current saving grace!

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  1. Oh - I am totally going to get on this wagon! I love lists and I completely know what you mean about the pieces of paper in your purse. Thanks for the great tip!