Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorites - Dancing the night away!!

a FAVORITES series

When you attend a DAY wedding and reception, dancing is in question - do you, or don't you?

I have to say without hesitation, we danced!  And it was so fun!  I loved gettin' down in my dress (I rocked it for 12ish hours!) and loved that everyone else joined in.  

Our DJ, Stefan, from Sierra Sound who has become one of our good friends in the last couple years was amazing.  About a month prior to our wedding, I sent him a few pages of what I imagined our soundtrack  might sound like.  Not only did I tell him those ever important songs: processional song, my song, recessional song, first dance, father-daughter dance and last song, I included different times of the day (such as "before ceremony," "cocktail hour," "dinner hour," and "dancing") and an explanation of what I envisioned with a few songs that complemented my vision.  I made an entire MUST PLAY list as well, (about 30 songs).  I knew I wanted all of them to be played - most toward the end so we could dance, but others spread throughout the rest of the day.  

We had our ceremony at 1:30 and our last dance at about 7ish so we had a lot of airtime to fill, and a lot of dancing time!!!

Here are some of my favorite dance photos!

First Dance

Dip - First Dance

Dancing and everyone singing!

We couldn't pull our flower girl off the dance floor!  Look at my face! haha

Dancing with my Maid of Honor!

Nolan and my mom dancing!  LOVE THIS!

 The park closed around 7:30 so we had to get it all cleaned up within 25 minutes after our last song.  To my surprise, I didn't have to pitch in.  While I was busy saying my good-byes, my cousins, my dad, family, and friends put away or packed up the cars with all the tables, umbrellas, chairs, tents, canopies, tablecloths, and napkins so we were ready to rock out at our after-party party.  

The construction and deconstruction group was such a well-oiled machine!  They main point people who set up the park were the ones running the break down.  They all knew where items had to be stored because they got the speech in the morning of where things needed to be put back.  I also included the list in one of my handouts, a "jobs list" that my maids, and family received.  Without that and the awesome workers, I most likely would have been the one directing the craziness instead of saying my thank yous!

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