Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving in a NEW state!

Most Thanksgivings I spend with family - travel to wherever they are. This year I am heading East when they are West.  

Nolan and I are visiting my mom's friend, Donna and her family in Tennessee.   Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee to be exact and I couldn't have come up with a better name of a town to visit than that.  Both Nolan and I are really excited to visit Donna and her family.  She has a whole slew of activities for the weekend and I am really excited to explore TN, a new state!

Some of the activities Donna has lined up:

  • A Men's Golf Outing
  • Rockettes Show on Friday night
  • Shopping in Nashville (~1 hour north)
  • See her daughter sing - Jen Mize

We'll be driving to Donna's from Chicago with our friend, Brian (Buddha).  We expect it to be an 8 hour drive, YIPPEE! 

We leave Wednesday and we'll be playing it by ear about when to return.

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