Wednesday, November 25, 2009

when it's all said and done...

I like to think that I created my wedding the best I could - I loved what I did. 
It won't be for everyone but knew I did what I thought Nolan and I would like and we did like it.

But man, it's always the way when you're all finished you end up finding other elements you would have love too!!!

I found this wedding today - if I could have copied a wedding - this would have been it!  I love their style, photography, simplicity, personality, fun!  We actually incorporated many of the same things, maybe that's why I like it!   On top of all the same ideas - she included some of the ideas Nolan and I thought about but just couldn't manage to figure out - like ice cream instead of cake.  I love ice cream!

Check outPeter and Dianna’s backyard wedding on Budget Savvy Wedding - LOVE!

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