Monday, November 30, 2009


So I entered an online contest last week and won Cindy's 3rd place prize!  I will be receiving a fantastic print of this guitar.

I stumbled upon Cindy's site after reading my dose of daily indulgence: Beautiful Paper blog.  Come to find out, Cindy is a local Chicago artist creating stationary and extraordinary art!  I can only imagine what she'd be able to create for wedding invitations! 

Visit Cindy's art journal blog here: A Recent History
Visit Cindy's web page and shop here: Paper Parasol Press

From Cindy's blog:
Cindy Tomczyk was raised on HB pencils, neatly folded paper, half- hazardously planned family road trips, folklore, and lots of homemade soup. So it was no surprise then, at the age of 18 she longed for a change of scenery. She fled to Sarasota, FL to study illustration, a supposedly doomed career. She disregarded pleas to study a safe major in the name to keep storytelling and image making alive. After college, she came back to Chicago with a disillusioned sense of the world and a new found Southern demeanor. Once the post-college smoked cleared, she realized she might have to play by society rules, even if for a short time. Despite this, she continued to daydream, write love letters, jump on planes, and recite the world through art.

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