Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas -

Well, it's technically two nights before Christmas and I'm beginning to feel all giddy inside!

Nolan and I heading to Nevada tomorrow (hopefully!).  I am so excited to spend Christmas with family this year.  Last year we were saving money for the wedding and I didn't think it was a huge deal to just go solo for the day - well, I changed my mind.  It was pretty miserable to fly solo for the holidays.  Everyone was gone from work and the house was empty all week.

Now that we've paid for the wedding and  have received some travel vouchers due to our multiple flights over the summer we are heading home for Christmas - Yippee!  We'll be home to open stockings with our parents, we'll be home to see our nephews rip open their gifts, we'll be home to provide comfort to Nolan's sister during her recovery, we'll be home to give hugs and kisses!

But before we leave Chicago, we're getting in the festive mood.  Last night we hosted a friend's dinner - a roast, raviolis with homemade pesto, croissants, broccoli, Grandma Norma's 7-up jello, and homemade apple pie.  There were 5 of us and it was a pretty special night.  We've truly begun to make good friends in Chicago.  Tonight we're heading over to the Lincoln Park Zoo to see the Zoo Lights.  I am really excited to see all the animals!  Best yet, the zoo is free! 

I'll post some photos soon.


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