Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A walk in the park - processional

I'd like to share some of my professional photos with you. 

We drove from the pier where we took our formal photos to the park.  A 10 minute drive that seemed to take forever...

We arrived at the park while guests were still milling around so I spent 15 minutes in the car to compose myself - it was surreal.  I had my brother deliver my vows to our officiant and boutonnieres to the dads - everything seemed to have fallen into place.  For those few moments I was so glad I hired a Day of Coordinator (DOC).  It allowed for me to reflect on the day by myself.  Later I found out that the cater was late and Nolan forgot his vows which would have been the things I would have had to take care of if Kami would not have been there.

I put a boutonniere on my Dad, took a whiskey shot with everyone, and began the walk to our ceremony site.  As you can tell from most people's faces - it was SUNNY!  It was difficult to find a photo without squinting eyes!

 photo by Susan Lee

Whiskey Shot to ease the nerves

So let's set the mood... For our processional we had quite the trek!  From the rec hall to the ceremony site was about 70 yards lined with wood chips!  I didn't see any wipe outs but it was the perfect storm for me to take a digger!  HEELS, WOOD CHIPS, & A DRAGGING DRESS!!  (by the way, to my surprise, I didn't fall ALL night.) Back to the long trek - this was one of my big concerns eased by the rehearsal!  We were able to time the music to make sure we had enough song time for the bridal party's walk up to the ceremony.  

Unfortunately due to the treacherous walk and bright sun it made for many photos of people looking at their feet... bummer!

Listen to the bridal party's song here:

 Nolan's parents make their way to their seat.

Camille's mom and step dad  follow

Vince and Tricia

Buddha and Jackie

Lance and Kerrie

Michael and Rachel

Jr. and Rachel

Nick - yeah a good one of him! His mom should be proud!  Notice the ring pillow that Nolan's mom, Susie made!

Reese - most likely confused by what Bob was doing!

So there you have our bridal party trek to the beautiful ceremony!

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  1. You walked down those wood chips flawlessly! I may have to use your idea of a DOC. That sounds great!