Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A walk in the park - processional continued

After the bridal party found themselves alongside the 1000-year-old cedar tree, it was my turn - or was it?

From the rec hall I saw Reese begin to drop her flowers and about 20 people begin to walk toward me along my wood chip lined aisle!

You can see the kids and their parents in the background of some of these photos:

The kids just finished a morning of fishing at the lake the park surrounds.

The group of 20 just kept growing and because most were kids they didn't know what was going on.  Some just stood and stared, others were oblivious.  The parents were useless and let them stomp down the aisle even though there were several other avenues to get back to the street. 
I doubled over laughing holding onto my Pops.  I just kept laughing. 
Eventually Kami (my savior) ushered them off the aisle and I was able to come down.  The music played and the fishing kids stared and said "congratulations" with prompting from the grown ups.

The song:

I always wondered what people talked about while they were in these types of situations.  What do people whisper to each other while they up at the alter, walking down the aisle, waiting to walk down the aisle?   I remember talking about grand kids with my dad.  That is the only conversation that sticks out in my mind.
While I was approaching the ceremony site, Nolan was waiting ever so patiently.

Do you remember what you talked about up at the alter?

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