Friday, December 11, 2009

A Walk in the Park - Ceremony

Above all else, I was really excited for the ceremony.  

Sometimes I think couples get off course with grandiose ideas and details they'll only notice.  I admit, those details seem all too important 3 months out - they really aren't!  I'll be the first to admit that I, too put too much emphasis on the small details and crazy schemes.  Nolan brought me down to Earth more than once.  

As time passed, our vision become more clear and I really took a deeper look into our day.  The ceremony became my first priority about 6 weeks out.  I was in contact with Rocky, our officiant and Nolan's uncle frequently around that time.  Between the three of us we wrote our ceremony.  This was so special.  Rocky took it upon himself to type it up and give us a fantastic copy after the ceremony.  His 35 plus years of being married influenced his words!  He really did a fantastic job.

Once I reached Nolan, and after my dad and I hugged, there we were, standing next to each other with huge smiles on!  I didn't feel anyone else around for those few moments.

Part of our ceremony is below.  I wanted to include our guests and this is what Rocky designed.  He asked us to face our guests as he read the following.  We did at first but then began to swivel back to look at each other, desperately trying to listen and take it all in.

"It is clear in this gathering of close friends and family that your support for Camille and Nolan is sincere and heartfelt. It is the fondest wish of the bride and groom that you all share this joyous occasion with them and continue to be an essential part of their new life. We ask for your participation in the following statements of support as we recognize that the fondness that we have held for them as individuals will only be enhanced as they go forth as a couple. Please join together in response to the following statements with “we do!”

We find this union between Camille and Nolan to be a noble and sincere commitment of love and affection to one another!

We do!

We pledge our support with friendship and warmth as they embark on this journey which unites the two into one!

We do!

We will keep our hearts and our minds open to their needs as a couple and stand ready with support and good counsel when called upon!

We do!

We will always strive to work as a bond for their union, never as a division between them!

We do!

Finally, we stand as witnesses to this occasion and hold the joy of this moment in our hearts to share with friends and strangers alike as a living reminder that Camille and Nolan are forever bound and will not be divided!

We do!"


The it was time for our vows, first Nolan and then Camille.  I remember when Nolan began to read his vows, I heard the largest sob from my mom - it nearly put me over the edge, but both Nolan and I held it together!  I am still surprised we didn't cry!


A section of my vows:

"I promise to eat candy and ice cream with you until we’re sick and drag you to the gym the next day, I promise to discover the world with you, and I promise to love what I know of you and trust what I do not yet know.
I look forward to waking up next to you, cooking our meals together, exploring the world by your side and forever share my life with you."
We then exchanged rings and finished the ceremony.

Our ceremony lasted about 20-25 minutes and ended with a KISS!

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