Saturday, December 12, 2009

Surviving the Midwest Winter

This one goes out to my SHORTY - who is moving to Michigan for the next 2 months, because she is a traveling speech therapist.

I feel pretty fortunate that I've lived most of my life on the west coast.

I realize that I have been spoiled with sunny Northern Nevada weather.  It's cold during the winter and it snows, but generally it's easy to manage as the snow melts because of the consistent sun.  I have had to change my habits to survive Midwest winters.

After the first snow fall I wear my snow boots all winter.  Because I walk to the train everyday it is imperative that I have traction and warm piggies!  I refuse to sacrifice my toes to look cute, also I am clumsy and will fall!  This year I've fallen twice (in one day!).  Last week was the first snow, so I've sported my boots all week!  I also incorporate long underwear into my wardrobe on a regular basis.  It's dangerous to be waiting on the train platform with one layer and a -2 reading on the thermometer plus wind chill.

So if you ever are nutty enough to live in the Midwest during winter time you will need the following:

1. Calcium Chloride ice melt - It goes on your sidewalk but doesn't ruin your hard wood floor if brought into your home!
2.  Cuddle Duds long underwear - The thinnest long underwear and so warm!  Moisture wick away from your skin and stretchy for comfort.
3. A can of spray De-icer -  Especially if you own a vehicle in the winter!  It's handy to have if anything gets stuck!
4. Extend handle shovel - This is a MUST only if you have a vehicle.  The plows will no doubt block you in your parking spot the morning you're late for work!

So, that's my 4 recommendations for surviving the Midwest winter.

Now, what to do for fun when your visiting us in Chicago during the winter... think - most of these things to do are FREE!

1. Ice Skating in Millennium Park 2. Christkindl Market  3. Polar Express Train!  4. Santa in Daily Plaza 5. Eat under the Christmas Tree in the Walnut Room at Macy's 6. 12 Bars of Christmas Pub Crawl 7. Light Festival and Parade 8. Zoo Lights!

This doesn't even cover half the holiday events in the city.  Consider the other sporting events, theater, caroling, and holiday tours also!

Come to Chicago so we can go play but make sure you pack your long underwear! 

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