Friday, January 15, 2010

For those who READ

A few months ago I was introduced to a website, goodreads by my friend, Danielle.

I signed up, found more friends, chatted about books, then left for a while when life became busy.

I recently returned to the site to find my next read.  It was my preferred option over spending time looking at multiple daunting shelves like the ones below.

As I browsed friends' suggestions I found another great service provided by goodreads.  They run an internet BOOK SWAP!  You may list your books or request others' books to swap.  When a request for a book is made, the person requesting the book pays for shipping (dictated by goodreads) and the sender prints the USPS label (provided by goodreads)! Essentially you may purchase your coveted book online for $2-$4, depending on shipping.   I have mailed 3 books so far and requested 2 and I found the book swap on Monday, 1/11/10.  The 3 books I sent were from a pile accumulating in a corner of our office that I have neglected to either put on (an Ebay off-shoot) or give to the thrift store.
I have to say, I enjoy sending the books this way... I'm not making a profit, but I am reaping the benefits of an internet book swap.

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