Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When life pays you back -

These days, I do most of my shopping online.

Now that I live in a city, it takes a bit longer and more planning to get to shops like Target, so I have come accustomed to doing my shopping online.  But like anyone I had shipping fees!  Because of my hatred of shipping costs I scour the internet for coupon codes or wait until sales to see if places offer free shipping, or as in Macy's case, 99 cent shipping on clearance items!

Ebates where it Pays to Shop Online

Through a few sources I was introduced to EBATES.

How it works:
You sign up for an Ebates account. (email/password)
You visit Ebates site first to look up the store you'd like to shop at.
They redirect you to the shop online.
You shop.
You buy.
Your dollars spent are recorded by Ebates.
You are rewarded at the end of the year with a check.

The reward at the end of the year is an accumulation of all your purchases' % back.  Plus you receive $5 just for signing up and additional $5 for anyone you refer to Ebates.  Each store offers a different percentage back - from 1% up, all depending on the store. Some stores offer coupons only or weekly specials.

You will receive emails, but they're good especially if you're looking for something in particular.  Today I purchased, a pair of shoes that I've been eyeing at, a site I rarely think of but they were offering 6% back today and free shipping.  Well, I paid $39 for my shoes, $0 for shipping, and at the end of the year I will get $2.34 back.  Not too shabby.

I can only image what a whole year of purchases will accumulate to especially when I think of all the Christmas shopping I do online.

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