Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning - making donations!

While I was in Las Vegas over the weekend I spent a better part of a day purging  items from my mom's house!

One item being my high school letterman's jacket the other, a prom dress!  It's been nearly 10 years since I wore my prom dress, and I hate to admit it, but I never even had my letter sewn onto my jacket - my letters sit in a drawer now!  

I knew the athletes at my Alma mater still wore the same jackets so I meandered down to GVHS to see if they could find a good use for it - I figured there had to be a worthy athlete that couldn't afford one - I paid $150 in 1999, heaven knows prices have only gone up!  I was in luck!  The Athletic Principle's Secretary - yes apparently everyone has a secretary - said she knew exactly what they'd do with it.  She asked permission to use it in a raffle they were holding in a few weeks for a football player.  He has leukemia and they are raising money for his wish sponsored by Make-a-Wish Foundation, a trip to Hawaii for him and his family!  I am glad that I could do my part, clean out my mom's closet and give a little so this athlete could gain a lot.

My second donation was my Junior Prom dress - I think I have a photo somewhere...  Sometime ago I heard of a organization based out of Minnesota that received donations of old prom dresses and seamstress' time to produce new fashions for current high school girls' proms.  This ran through my head when I began my search for a good home for this said year-2000 prom dress - has it really been 10 years!?  So I looked up to see if Vegas had a similar organization.  Again, I was in luck! I found The Prom Fairy Foundation in Las Vegas to participate in a worthy cause!  In Vegas there were a few locations - so if you'd like to donate your dress, you can find a location using this site: http://www.donatemydress.org/donate.html.

Happy Donating!

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