Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Asking for $ - and actually getting some!

 I am a student AGAIN!

I love it, really I do.  I just wish it weren't so expensive!

So I am  and have applied and applied and applied some more for scholarships.  I enter a few essay contests here and there, a few ad contests and what do you know - I received a call in June letting me know I won! 

"WHAT!"  I thought to myself as I tried to figure out what company the lady was from and what I had submitted!  Ad copy for a possible magazine ad for an organization based out of New Jersey.  I was ecstatic! 
My main thought, "My school bill just became a little less!  YAHOO!  Let's get a beer!"

I made it my goal to apply for as many scholarships as possible and get some amount every quarter to try and help with my bill.  So far I think my application count is up to 75 since April.  One of the latest applications was for a company, Castle Ink.  Their application consisted of a short essay and other info and an optional piece of using empty ink cartridges in a creative way.

Here is mine:

Silly - yes
Foolish - maybe

They choose a winner in the fall - I'll let you know how it goes!

If you know of any other scholarships I can apply for, please leave a comment!


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