Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We love our couch surfers!

July saw many visitors, most recently my dad came for a week and Nolan's nephew, Nick was here last week!

Dad arrived before Nolan got off the boat so we enjoyed quality father-daughter time.  We visited the Decatur area in Southern Illinois where he grew up.  We saw many of the Roney clan!  We took in a ball game at Wrigley Field and had lots of good conversation and laughter!  He played tourist a few days and was able to get to know our neighborhood.  We loved having him as a couch surfer!

Unfortunately, he was the one taking photos so I don't have to share.

Nick arrived last Monday and stayed til Friday.  Nolan greeted him at the gate and started the adventurous week long boarding around our neighborhood, eating classic Chicago cuisine - HOT DOGS!  Because I work and have school I was only able to play a few nights.  They were busy touring the Lincoln Park Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, and saw a White Sox game.  I was able to enjoy Navy Pier with them eating at Harry Carry's and riding the Ferris Wheel. 

Nolan and Nick flew back to Nevada together on Friday.  I get to join them in a few short days! 

Some photos of Nick's adventures! 

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