Sunday, July 11, 2010

Visitees and Visitors!

The last couple weekends Nolan and I have enjoyed visiting friends in Colorado and I hosted the fourth of July for a couple of my rugby friends!  Be prepared for LOTS of photos!  :)

Colorado was amazing!  Nolan had never been and I had only been there a few times but never in the summer.  We loved the weather - hot and DRY!  What a contrast to our typical humid days in Chicago.  We spent 3 days visiting with my Great Aunt and Uncle on Friday and exploring the Denver area with my friends, Rachel and Matt - you might remember her face as my MAID OF HONOR!

Here are a few photos!

Denver - a view from my uncle's home

Uncle Clint (my maternal grandmother's younger brother), Aunt Pat, Camille, Nolan

Brewfest in Ft. Collins

 All empty!

 BBQ time!  Yum!

 Large rocks to climb!

 Someone was envious of Rach's technique!

 Matt and Rach

This is why Rach is so BUFF!  :)

 Nolan trying his hand at it!

Cory making sure I didn't fall!

 We miss the mountains!

 The mountain we climbed!

 The clan we spent the day with
Tricia - Rach - Nolan
Camille - Cory - Matt

 My turn!
We had an unbelievable time!  We just went with the flow and let the weekend transpire.  It turned out to be a funfilled weekend meeting lots of good people!

Last weekend was the fourth of July!  I had three very special visitors!  Kerrie, Shorty (Christine), and Aubrey - sometimes I forget to tell people Shorty's real name when I introduce her - so I tried really hard this last visit to be conscious of it! She's still just Shorty to me!

Kerrie and Aubs came into town Thursday and we had a low key night - Pho and drinks!

Friday we went to the Taste of Chicago - ate lots of food and ended at Plymoth lookin over part of the city.

We went to Second City on Friday night - finally all the girls were in town!  Oddly enough we called it a night fairly early - at 11pm, although it wasn't a trend for the entire weekend!

The next day, Saturday we went to a Cubs game!  They won - I swear I've yet to be to a game when they've lost!  I swear I am good luck! 

Enjoying some beer and singing the 7th Inning Stretch!

 A cubs game wouldn't be right without a stop to Ian's Pizza - home of the baked potato pizza and steak and fries pizza!  Kerrie wasn't kidding when she said for me to break out my Thanksgiving pants for this trip!  Yikes!

That night we went to Greek food and then out to a club I'd never heard of but it fit us so well!  The Hangge-Uppe is a dive bar/club with 2 floors; one floor with 90's music, the other 80's music - we stayed on the 80's floor where the boys were screamming songs from Grease as we walked in at midnight!
The reason she's called Shorty!
Waiting for the train - heading downtown.

Drinking and Dancing!
Leaving at 5AM!  "Hello college!"
Cleaning our plates since Angela's was closed!

That would be the sunrise! 
 Nothing better than walking home with all the girls you went out with!  Love it!

  Sunday, 7/4, we got up to see a Chicago Movie Tour - that was by all means - mediocre.  We returned to my apartment and we slept A LOT.  That night we made an awesome dinner and attempted to see the fireworks, but were kicked out of the cab - he was a grouch!  So we went to Galway Bay, a favorite bar of mine.  It's a basement bar known for its darts, video games, and $1.50 PBRs!  Delightful!

 Everyone enjoyed their 4th!  Gradually the girls left, 2 Monday, 1 Tuesday and I slowly returned to a regular schedule!  

Next up- Dad visits this week when we'll take a trip to Southern Illinois, see a Cubs game and have a great time!

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