Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a weekend!

Now that it's nearly next weekend, I'll tell you of our adventurous last weekend!

Nolan and I stayed extremely busy this past weekend.
Friday was fairly relaxed, finishing up some minor things to complete Adam and Alicia's wedding invites!  Yep, that's right, I was crazy enough to construct more invites by hand - I must have forgotten how much work it was for our wedding invites.  After a few hour long episodes of Life (Earth's sequel, featuring Oprah's voice as apposed to Sigourney Weaver's), a couple beers, we created some fantastic wax seals to complete their invitation suite!

Saturday I completed the last week of my first quarter back in school with my Color Theory final.  I feel comfortable and back in the swing of juggling school and work just in time for 3 weeks off of school!  Once I finished my final I used the school's resources to edit Adam and Alicia's photo of their Burning Man Art Car!   Burning Man's theme this year is Metropolis and they'll be driving their art car named, Roving Red Light District - a swanky dive bar on wheels!  I was excited to help bring their vision to life.  After some fun Photoshop love I made a pit stop to Kinko's to print some baby announcements I designed for my good friend, Rachel who had a son March 29th.  They were sent with Monday's mail and I am excited for her friends and family to post them up on their fridges!  When I returned home it was barely noon and the sun was shinning and it was so wonderful outside!  We dehydrated fruit!  Yes, like that guy who used to sell the spray on hair - Ron Something!  After filling trays of apples, bananas, grapes, mangoes, and apricots we left the house to enjoy the sun.

After slicing and dicing, we walked to the park and played croquet!  It was so much fun!  I can't wait for it to stop raining here so we can go again!  After 2 games we were back at the house packing our picnic to travel on the Metra Train up to Ravinia Park to see Buddy Guy, a well-known Chicago Blues artist!  He was awesome and so was the entire experience.  JJ Grey and Mofro opened for him and they were unbelievable too, we even got their vinyl record!

Picnics at Ravinia were nothing short of amazing!  I was utterly impressed with the spreads people brought, they were gourmet!  Check out some of them!
 This table had full on wine glasses and china!

Putting their most important item on display!

All crowding around the table - but look at that stroller for the cooler!

 Of course I spot the one think Nevada there!  :)

 You could even rent a fancy table and TABLE CLOTH!  

Buddy Guy rocking out!

 JJ Grey and Mofro!  Awesome!

The weekend didn't stop there, Sunday we spent in Evanston (where I work) at their Custer Street Fair enjoying fresh lemonade, strolling the streets, looking at art, meeting interesting people and mostly just soaking up the great weekend.  We made it home and finally had CHINESE food at one of those places I talked about in my last post who are closed on MONDAYS!  :)

Friday, tomorrow, we're heading to Denver to visit my bestest friend!  Rach - I can't wait to see you!

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