Thursday, October 28, 2010

When going to a CIRCO in Spain...

bring your camera!
If I hadn't brought mine, we wouldn't have these wonderful (possibly scary) memories!

While visiting Spain we had two major goals - see the country and see Jackie's Spanish life!

After Madrid, Segovia, and Vitoria we visited Haro and stayed with the family Jackie was an AuPair for.  They were so gracious to have us in their home!  It was a fantastic way to become familiar with the culture and the language.  The parents have two wonderful kids that Jackie took care of while she was there for nearly 6 months.

The second night we were in Haro we (4 American girls - Elana, the mom fondly referred to as) took Blanca, the 4-year-old daughter to the Circus (circo)!  It was quite the specticle!

It was about a 90 minute show that included some elaborate costumes, some very flexible ladies and creepy make up that didn't help the ODD factor!   The only animals were the costumes that people wore and a young tiger that you could take photos with during intermission!  I think I liked the 3-day-old popcorn the best while at the circus!

 The stage

When we returned home we were bombarded with little spunky kids that wanted to finally come play with us!  Samuel was a little shy before!



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