Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spreading the News -

Nolan and I had lots and lots of fun telling people we were expecting a child! And I guess for those of you who didn't know yet - this is another fun way we'll letting the cat out of the bag!

First* our friends that live in Chicago -

Kerrie and Mike were the first to know - being suspicious when I stopped drinking and all!
Nolan bought a cake and wrote in icing, "We're having a BABY!"  Well, don't ever try to tell Mike anything via cake because he thought it was a joke, laughed a grim laugh and walked out - just as he opened the door to leave he stepped back and asked if we were serious - because we were he laughed harder and told us congratulations as he hurried to make it to work on time!

Kerrie guessed from a Facebook status - I took down the status immediately.  I really didn't want lots of people knowing when I was 4 weeks pregnant!  Her reply to my status went a little something like, "I really hope you're not pregnant!"  hahaha  She eventually warmed up to the idea!  Sorry I took away her drinking partner but I did provide a designated driver for the next 9 months!?

Second our parents -

We toiled over the idea of how to tell our parents - for Nolan's they are already grandparents, but for mine, it's their first!  Lucky for us Nolan's parents were visiting so we were exstatic that we could tell them in person.  We went to dinner the first night they were in town and Nolan jumped in to give a toast!  His mom was already a little suspicious after I ordered only soda water...  Nolan toasted to his sister - inquisitive looks from everyone around the table - he toasted to Rick that she was about to be an AUNT!  His mom asked "an aunt to who?"  Nolan eventually got to the point, however round-about it seemed!

I knew I wanted to send my mom a package - I just couldn't figure out what.  A craft faire visited Chicago the second week I found out I was pregnant and so I was on the hunt for all things BABY!  I found a onsie that made me giggle and sent it in a box with some other baby items and a card that simply said, "Just call me!"  haha!  I mailed it on a Monday so I was surprised when I received an army of phone calls on Wednesday while I was in class taking a final exam!  I love, love, love her voice mail!  Unfortuneatly I didn't think to somehow save it, so it was erased from my cell phone.

I called my dad when he was around some of our other close family and told him to tell them he was going to be a GRANDPA!  That was a fun conversation and ever since if he calls he tells me hugs to baby and Nolan!  :)  It was so much fun telling my parents!

Third everyone else -

We've been telling people as it comes and being so futuristic, we announced it on Facebook!  How did people know of other pregnancies before Facebook?

*12.20.10 Editor's Note:  I was reminded this weekend that I told my friend, Rach in Denver before I told Kerrie or Mike - she wanted to set the record straight! 

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