Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to Europe

So after we enjoyed ourselves at the circus we spent the next few days in Haro. 

We had planned on leaving Tuesday for Bilboa but an unexpected flu and the Huelga, the country-wide-strike, kept us in Haro a few days longer than planned.

With those few more days we were able to get to know Jackie's family and explore the town including the vineyards that the area is so famous for.

 The Bull Fighting Ring 
- bull fights are mainly in the summer and go as a tour so there aren't multiple in a row in one town.
 One of many roundabouts in Haro depicting their export, wine grapes!

 Jackie's family - Ricardo's side

 Jackie's discipline backfiring! 

Haro's Catholic Church

 Part of the Horseshoe - Jackie talks about it in her blog.

 One of Haro's many plazas

 We walked through the vineyards at sunset!

 In the vineyards!

 This wild grass is EVERYWHERE!  It looks lavender in the sunset but the tops were cream color.

Grapes, we could literally walk through them as opposed to those vineyards in the states.

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