Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Journal

So for the time being until I write all about my September/October Europe adventure I am going to alternate between Europe and Baby K stories.

When I first found out about the little alien in my belly I was pretty taken aback by the whole thing - I wasn't sure if we were ready but after some research and realization that if 16-year-olds can manage, so can we!

Here are some of my thoughts as I was writing them down before I wanted to share the news.

9/22/10 - 7ish weeks along

I friend inspired me to start writing my experiences down even though I'm not ready to reveal them to the world. 

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant!  YIKES!

It seems unreal, truly unreal that my life will forever be changed.  I found out 4 weeks ago and told my sweet caring hubby 3 weeks ago.  He was more excited than I was - WAY more excited! 

My head instantly filled with dollar signs - glass half empty, I guess?  In theory, a baby was ideal at my age.  I just seemed freaked out by the bigger meaning of such baby!  The cost of having a baby, the cost of raising a baby, the cost of day care!  Jeez, Debbie Downer! 

I am just now feeling sick.  It's quite the uncomfortable feeling when you're trying to keep the blueberry-sized alien in your belly a secret from your coworkers and planning on leaving the country for 2 weeks!

10/1/10 - 9ish weeks along

So in 25 days I turn 28, the age I will become a mother!  holy moly!

As excited as I am, I am a bit scared to share my wisdom and Nolan's with an innocent child!  Oh, what they'll learn...

I am spending the next week in Spain, man - it's been hard already, one week down and now a week of Bilboa, museums and Paris to look forward to!  Flying over here was the most difficult.  I sat next to 18-month-old twins!  A true taste of motherhood!  Let's just say, I don't want twins - EVER!  I'm with my girls now, they have been so good to me while I've been trying to figure out my body's changes - feeling sick, feeling tired, a little dizzy, a little lazy, they're some of the best friends I could ask for!

They are amazing!

10/21/10 - 13ish weeks along


A week or so before my birthday!  YIKES!  I never thought I'd be 28 when I have a baby!  But alas, I will be 28 soon and a new mom!  Seems like an incredible gift to become a mom especially when I am in company of women at work who have struggled for YEARS to get pregnant. 

I bought The Belly Book last week - at 11 weeks I had to back fill quite a few weeks and try and remember what I did or felt like.  But all of this is a fun adventure both now and retrospectively!  A few of the questions revolve around food - cravings, dislikes, calming agents, etc.  I have to say that food has been a constant struggle!  I can't seem to eat enough some days then others nothing sounds appetizing!  I love food but when I get overwhelmingly hungry I am a raving lunatic!  Throw pregnancy in there and well you have a mad woman on your hands!  I can usually ward off my hunger pains and nausea by eating any cold, crisp fruit especially apples and watermelon.  After talking with my mom (a much more frequent occasion than it used to be and we talked a couple times a week before) - she had those same feelings.  She said only cold watermelon ever sounded appetizing!  I can completely relate. 

I LOVE talking with my mom about pregnancy and child rearing!  It gives me a sense of pride because I do want to learn from her because, hell, I feel like all of us kids turned out pretty well - well maybe it depends on who you ask, at least I know I turned out well (but who's counting?).  We all have manners and we're all polite (although I know the boys only bring them out for special occasions!), we all have a huge sense of family and we know where we come from.  I am proud to have the parents and siblings I have.  I want our child(ren) to know all of those things too. 

I have learned a lot in a short amount of time - 12 weeks down, just a few more to go, right?

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