Friday, November 12, 2010

Making our House a HOME - an update

So a while ago I had talked about how we've spruced up our place, creating little areas to work, relax and eat.  We got some fabric turned table cloth (thanks Kerrie) at IKEA, finally hung our plates to create a fun wall, and made our place fit us. 

If you remember my plate wall inspiration here, below you can see our end result that was official quite some time ago! 

Before you see our plate wall, you get to see what could have been - plants on the wall.  It started with sconces with clear jars that I planted succulents in. 
 Then there was only ONE plant - I still haven't taken the other empty sconce down in hopes that I will fill it one day!?

Teamwork and some creative compromise proved to work in making our plate wall.
 We used masking tape to create a shape on the wall, then started to hang plates within our shape.

 Our end result 

We've even added a few plates since this photo - a lighthouse plate we got from my Great Aunt Pat when we visited Denver.

The wall that faces the plates was feeling a little bare so we put up our Chicago watercolor (a wedding gift from Nolan's parents) below our Didgeridoo (a wedding gift from Nolan's cousin).  Both reflect our home's fall color scheme!  Side note: I was pretty surprised that Nolan and my style meshed so well; when we started combining our stuff most of it turned out to be primarily brown, red, yellow, and orange! A sign?  I like to think so! 

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