Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Blank Wall

We've been staring a blank wall for about a week wondering what we'll do ... 

Yesterday Nolan and I visited the Art Institute - Chicago on Michigan Avenue - it was their weekly Free Evening!  We spent a couple hours exploring the old, the modern, the curious, the new, the unexplainable from 900 BC Asia to 2008 Canada.  

This prompted another conversation about our blank wall. Currently we have our Chicago watercolor hanging amongst the vast emptiness!  It is great but it looks puny in comparison to the wall.  Even though I had thought of an idea before I never shared it with Nolan thinking he'd shoot it down right away.  I kept seeing a trend on design blogs that I like dearly.  

"What do you think of a collage of plates?"  I ask.  He thinks, he nods, then we draw up a diagram of how we might arrange said plates!  This isn't your grandmother's antique plate display!  I was floored that he liked the idea.  It seems like the most economical way to put a piece of art, 3D art in our apartment! Cue Excitement!

Beyond creating something unusual on our wall we also get to hunt for these  said plates at thrift shops, antique stores, garage sales, our parent's homes (just kidding)!  I am really excited about our new design project.

Do you need a visual?  Please see below.

CasaSugar blog offers a 'how to' in case you're wondering if you'd like to accomplish the same look.

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