Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A short life update

Good Tuesday Afternoon!
We’ve lived in our new apartment for 4 weeks now – I can’t believe it!  It is finally becoming more of a home.  We decorated, bought some new furniture and now simply enjoying each other’s company.  The neighborhood is fun too.  We’ve gone out to eat at a couple local places – Paddy O’Splains and Rockwell’s Neighborhood Grill.   Exploring is one of the most fun parts about moving to a different part of Chicago.  We were really spoiled in Wrigleyville; everything was just too convenient.  There were always taxis on the streets, we could buy a jug of milk or a bottle of whiskey on the corner store, my commute was only 40 minutes door to door, and the gym was a quick walk down Clark!   

Although we’ve moved only 3 miles northwest you notice a large difference!  The highlights of our location include the gigantic park across the street – where Nolan and I have been jogging the last couple nights, there is always parking available – maybe a car is in our future, and we love the family friendly atmosphere –no more 3AMers walking home, screaming on our street, well except us!

Having Nolan home is wonderful.  We’ve been working out at the park across the street and he’s cooking!  I love coming home knowing he’s been to the grocery store and something’s smelling delicious as I walk in the door - I am so spoiled!  Last night he made Clam Chowder! 

I enrolled in school.  I want to further my education with some graphic design courses, so as of April I will be in class at the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago!  I am completely nervous to start back at school – I was so relieved when I finished at UNR.  My excitement surpasses my nerves, this is going to be the best thing for me and I can’t wait to get started!

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