Thursday, January 27, 2011

Child rearing advice from unexpected places

"Child rearing" conversations have come up more times than I can count in the last few months.  Between Nolan and I mostly, but I talk to my mom more and more about things I contemplate and well, she has some of the best advice!  Although they put things into perspective for me, I never end a conversation without more questions.

Dr. Oz (you'd know him from Oprah) was on The View today.  He was asked for his best advice for raising kids.  He has written a few books including his recent YOU, Having A Baby, and has 4 kids of his own. 

He advised to read to your children at bed time or tell them stories of yourself - connect with them when they're most vulnerable and willing to listen.  He also said something that may have answered my on-going internal conversation of how I want my kids to grow up becoming decent human beings.  He said, every time you give your kids something you didn't have, you take away something you did have.   This reiterates a conversation Nolan and I had recently of how we want our kids to grow up.  I was/am scared of bringing a spoiled, self-centered child into our world!  Nolan said that we won't raise our kids to be that way because we aren't that way.  But I know plenty of children that are little snots while their parents aren't.  Yet, I guess if that is my worst nightmare then I have it pretty good.  So in regard to my snotty child fear, this advice Dr. Oz gives makes it a bit more clear on how I can keep myself in check when raising my children. 

Ultimately, I want our children to have the opportunities and experiences we had but that also means I can't just GIVE it to them - I have to guide them on how to achieve it. 

Food for thought and a little nugget of knowledge that I am so grateful for hearing!

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