Friday, February 11, 2011

Google Reader

Good morning.  My name is Camille and I am addicted to Google Reader.

I use Gmail for my email and I LOVE it.  Yes, I love my email!  I use the calendar and reader features to keep up with friends and family and I constantly recommend Gmail to EVERYONE. 

Google Calendars can be shared with other Gmail users; so currently I know the schedules of three of my closest friends, my husband, and possibly you – if you’d like to share your dentist appointments with me!

Beyond the calendar function, Google Reader has changed my life in the last year or so.  The reader is a page accessed when you’re logged into your Google account that lists your blogs, news and RSS feeds you subscribe to.  I constantly change my blog list – usually adding than subtracting blogs – to fit my current interests.  I love when friends recommend new blogs to read.  I have friends who have turned me onto design blogs, cooking blogs, wedding blogs, and NOW – baby blogs! 

Since getting my iPhone – I am even more dedicated to reading because I can access my  expanding list of new postings ANYWHERE!  I usually begin reading my list when I get on the train in the morning and usually browse through the listings as I check my email at work.  Harmless, right?  Before you answer the question, look at my list of subscriptions below.  I don't read every single post but it takes a while even to read their headlines because a third probably post more than once a day.

If you’re thinking of starting to use or adding to your Google Reader, here are my current subscriptions, categorized even! (Some blogs are listed twice b/c they fit more than one category)

Design (Home, Stationery, Decor)

Friends Blogs



Weddings and Parties


Happy Reading!

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