Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The snow found Chicago last week

The first and second day of February saw LOTS of precipitation.

Here are some fun photos of the BLIZZARD and the last week as everyone attempts to dig their way out!

 This is our street before the plows made it through - I think they came through the next day!

 Mini Van!

 Even if you do dig out your car, it only takes one plow to make you cuss again!

Street and sanitation has been under scrutiny - now that it is voting season again!  
(Chicago is voting this February for a new mayor and several new alderman)

 Most people walked the streets the first day after the storm because the sidewalks weren't clear enough!

 Not everyone was disappointed with the amount of snow - all public schools had at least one day off!

Nolan walking along the sidewalk!
 Most people with cars claim their parking spots with chairs or whatever seemed accessible at the time (like the bed frame below!) since most probably spent hours clearing it out!

We got another 2 inches yesterday, 2/7/11 and we're expecting more this weekend but until then I'll take the sunny 10 degree days!  :)

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