Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall in Chicago

Fall is the most amazing season in Chicago.  

As the temperature drops and the air turns crisp you know you're in for a visual treat.  The leaves around the city turn burning red, orange and yellow.  We switch out our summer/winter clothes and I revisit my other wardrobe that I haven't seen in 6 month (OK let's be real, 4 months).  Hello vests and sweaters!

I try to encourage family and friends to visit in Fall so they can experience what we love about the city.  Lots of people came to visit this Fall - finally the words is out.  Nolan's family, my mom, friends all showed up this fall to enjoy the city.

In September, Nolan's mom, sister, and nephew came and well - we packed a lot into 3 full days.  The six of us saw the zoo, 2 museums, an aquarium, a baseball game, the view atop the John Hancock Building, and were worn out reminiscing about it let alone doing it!

Ric, Nolan's sis, was impressed with how awesome our FREE zoo was!
 We almost mistook Penny for one of the animals in the primate house!  Oops!
 Bob's first street performer donation.

 A carousel - of course!
 Look at Bob, above then at Nolan, below - think they're related?
Imagine our surprise when we headed to the Museum of Science and Industry to find that it was a FREE day!

 Exploring the city

At the Cubs Game

My mom made it out this year in Mid October (apparently she needed to get a "Penny fix") and we enjoyed lots of walks, dinners, and conversation!

We visited the Chicago Botanical Gardens, 350+ well manicured acres.

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  1. What camera do you use? And what setting? Your photos are great!