Thursday, February 9, 2012


I know - it's February!
Well, I'd still like to tell you about our holidays because we had so much fun this year with Penny and being home for a few weeks. 

P saw all her grandparents and was of course, spoiled rotten as any little one should be on their first Christmas!

Before we made the trip home we had a small Christmas at home with our felt tree and lots of wrapping paper!

Penelope loves jingles bells and got so excited when they were ringing.  She couldn't contain herself.

Some of the gifts this year included matching strawberry hats for P and me, fun stuffed toys, books, and if you look further down you'll see Gorman, a puppet animal that Nolan gave Penny for story time.

I made cookies this year when Nolan and Penny left for NV.  Shortbread snowmen, salt carmels, and my mom's famous espresso logs! Because of school, I stayed behind while Nolan and Penny flew to NV.  I was on my own for a whole 4 days and didn't sit to enjoy it much as I cooked/baked/cleaned my 4 days away.

When I arrived in Nevada, Nolan's family had a fun holiday party to Christen their new home in Sparks.  They'll be so close when we finally make our way home this year.

 Lots of gifts
Packing all the essentials
 I flew into the sunset!
 Penny and Grandpa Terry
 We were lucky enough to spend some time with my brother and his wife, Alicia who just had a little girl in October.  It was a joy to see the two cousins together!

 My Dad's side of the family!

In Las Vegas we visited Nolan's family who had 2 polar bears mounted and a gigantic great dane who LOVED Penny!

 Finishing the Holidays with some fun sparklers and our new little girls!

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