Sunday, January 11, 2009

This one goes out to my new sis, Ric!

A trip to Macys in most towns are easy shopping tasks. Chicago makes it a tad more difficult especially if you don't have a car!
Usually a trip downtown involves more of a plan and more preparation than any normal shopping trip to the mall. Nolan and I decided yesterday to go to Macys to look for shirts and ties for him and the groomsmen.

After walking in and out of the house twice, for forgotten scarfs and other items we were off.

We walk out of the house, down the sidewalk, down the back alley, into the Addison Red Line El Station. Total walking time: 7 mintues.

After getting the El platform we wait for the southbound train. We ride the train 6 stops and get out at State and Lake, because the red line begins as a elevated train and transfers to a subway we actually arrive at an exit that is directly into the basement floor of Macys! You can't get more convenient than that!

This Macys is the old Marshall Fields with a restaurant on the top of 7 floors!

Nolan and I spent a good 2 hours in Macys looking for shirts that would match his suit and that would look good on all the boys. We were successful at finding a shirt for him and ties for all the boys! They are awesome! $191 later, we were out the door!

The trip back is similar to the one there, we walk down to the train platform and wait for the train. On the weekends we usually wait about 10 minutes max for a train. On our northbound train, it takes 1/2 hour to get back to the Addison stop.

Today we arrived home and left as quickly to go buy lasagna ingredients at the neighborhood grocery store, Jewel.

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