Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a good day!

Today is a good day!
I made it to my train and work on time, finally for the first time this week! Ahh, I know it's Thursday! Even after Nolan called me at 6 to wake up, I fell back asleep for 20 minutes. Why have I been so tired all week! The weather, I'll blame it on the weather. Today is warmer than yesterday and it's currently 13.4* outside. I am only looking forward to Saturday for the possibility of 50*, oh the pleasures of the Midwest!

I bought my ticket to Rachel Shumacher's wedding! I will be in Reno/Gardnerville the last weekend in June! I will be rocking out at the Wal on Thursday night if you want to put it on your calendars now!

I am keeping to my workout routine! If I want to look good at my wedding, I need to play hard ball with those voluptuous hips I see in the mirror! I went to my second session of Bikram Yoga in a week, last night. Yes, that's the insane 90 minute hot yoga that is in a 105* room. You sweet out a couple pounds (enough to ring out your clothes), and I feel energized and crazy-great afterward. A man that I was talking to last night before the session said that he's lost 45lbs in the last 8 weeks by doing this and changing his diet! Salads here I come...

I laughed a lot when I read Ric's blog this morning. Ric, Erica is a mother of two boys with one due in March, she is a great friend, an absolute riot and a great Mom! Thank you for the laugh. Please view an excerpt of her entry!

My future sister-in-law tells the tale of motherhood, "Pleading with my Bob to please poop. "Please, Bob Please, really you will be so happy!" "No mamma, I can't, I can't" "Yes you can, You can do it" I looked deep into his baby blues and decided to play for keeps. "Bob, I will take you to the park, we will go for hours, play and play!" Nothing, not even a hint of curiosity. I repeat my bribe with more emphasis and throw in Dairy Queen for ice cream at the end. Nothing. This kid is a rock, a two year old rock that will not be cracked my mere promises of parks and ice cream. What to do, we have moved into round two. Hoping this round will not last an hour as the last. I break out the big guns! Dun Dun Du.........THE ZOO!!! Bob has never been to the zoo, he loves animals, there is a pathetic zoo in Reno but it will work. "Bob I will take you to the zoo to see all the animals if you poop right now in the potty" "The zoo?" "Yes Bob my lovely, the zoo, we will see many animals, all you favorites! All you have to do is poop." "SPLASH (that was the poop)" "I did a big one!!! Lets go see the animals!!" Good Grief he did it, the poop is there. Did I win or was this totally worthy opponent waiting me out so he could get a better prize! Who cares! There is poop in the potty and it is Bob's!"

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