Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hit me hard

2 coworkers of mine were laid off today.

I can't really explain my melancholy type mood other than to say that I am deeply sympathetic toward their situation. I know they have families and rent and payments and all of the things that I have, but now they have now paycheck.

I don't really know what to feel, conflicting sorrow and relief and joy that it's not me. I can't say more than I think about them, they are the first that I've known to be laid off so close in proximity to me.

They tested the tight rope that is the economy, they fell off the rope and now the rest of us are too timid to walk across. I for one an nervous for friends and family and myself. I don't know what to expect but I do know that I don't want my boss to call me into their office and tell me to pack up today, you're cut!

They weren't even given a day or a week or the rest of a pay period?! SHIT!

I guess this is life in the real world, but I've never known this uncertainty and worry.

Who will take charge to fix this broken world I see before me?

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